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Your Dating and Relationship Coach.

1-1 and group coaching for single independent women striving to find an aligned lover.

Hi, I'm Danielle

An Expert in Dating and Relationships

I've been coaching for over 5 years. I've helped over 500 women and over 50 men tap into their confidence and break through their ineffective dating patterns so they can attract substantial relationships through my personal methods & experiences of variety relationship dynamics.


I started off with building a community for dancing-entertainers for the purpose of connection, sharing resources, and sharpening relational skills to close more sales so we could all thrive in our work-life. I knew that the majority of the women including myself had a common tendency to lone-wolf through life, which holds us back from furthering our goals and attracting healthy relationships. I knew there is a need to close that gap. I was known to be one of the highest earners in the industry so it was natural for these women to be open to what I had going on.  As ladies continued to level up in their life, I became the go-to person for advice when it comes to effectively communicating what they need in their business and romantic relationships. As they spread the word and my services to their non-entertainer friends, I took them under my wing, and gained a lot of feedback suggesting I help more people when it comes to dating and relationships. I find that a lot of independent women lack one of 2 things: Their relational skills are on point, but lack magnetism and appeal, or their magnetism is on point, but lack relational skills needed to maintain a relationship.

Now, I help single independent women break through their ineffective dating patterns so they can attract an aligned lover through my Dating Mastery Method that I teach in my 1-1 and Group Coaching programs.  I have a free Facebook community that connects single independent women to one another where I offer tips and coaching to help them heal romantic wounds, release desperation energy, and become magnetic.

"Working with Danielle is amazing. She is such a light. She is highly intuitive, has a range of knowledge and a depth of experience in her given field, and is highly equipped to help women navigate through a range of various relationship dynamics."

Lian Price, Certified Fitness Trainer


Dating Mastery Method

I teach my Dating Mastery Method in my 1-1 and group coaching program, The Art of Being Taken Care Of.

Here is the 5-step process:

  1. Deep Dive: Clarify what your honest needs are and who you want

  2. Role Play: Identify and role play what's uniquely sexy and charming about you 

  3. Strengthen Your Aura: Testing your vetting skills, non-negotiable, rejection handling, neutralizing your triggers

  4. Dating Mastery: Utilizing your unique dating style and extract love lessons based on your pattern through the action of dating

  5. Find "the one": Repeat step 4 by implementing love lessons until we find a match

When you enroll in my group coaching program, this is what you receive:​​

  • Weekly 1-hour group coaching sessions (12 total sessions) 

  • 6 one-on-one sessions, 1 every other week

  • Complete the Dating Mastery Method

  • Refine your unique dating style

  • Private individual and group WhatsApp communication Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm

  • Sisterhood and a community of single independent women on the same path 

Interested in The Art of Being Taken Care of?

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What My Clients Are Saying...

"Danielle took the time and attention to thoroughly understand the current issues I’m facing, how I feel and where I want to go with a kind, precise and loving touch. In one session she was able to pinpoint my issue and help me come up with actionable strategies on how to address it. For me, it was coming up with what I really want in a partner, then creating a method of vetting people based on that criteria. I was amazed at the value she was able to provide in just one session, and look forward to more. It was like therapy, but with a really good therapist who’s really invested in my growth and well being who can give great advice to boot in this specific area. If you’re struggling with romantic connection and want to figure out how to find the right relationship for you, she’s ya girl."

Alia Wilk, Software Engineer

More Testimonials...

"What stood out to me the most from our sessions was Danielle’s wisdom in navigating my situations and dilemmas through tips for communicating my thoughts and feelings. I left the session with confidence in providing clear and concise responses for relationship issues with my partners. I would definitely recommend her services to other women."

Gianna Vi, Registered Dietician


Single Women Wednesday

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, I host a free virtual event on Zoom for single independent women to help them make new friendships with women that are on the path to healing their relationships with others through ice breaking connection games. In this sisterhood, we're dedicated to loving ourselves and keeping things real so you can love men again. 

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